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Top 3 Tips for Storing Sport Gear

Are you in need of seasonal storage? From skiing and snowboarding in the winter to soccer in the summer we want to help you keep your equipment straight. With many creative space saving solutions Chester Heights Self Storage is your best storage option in Glen Mills PA.

Glen Mills PA seasonal storage

Get Creative

Utilize all the space you have. If you keep most of your belongings in a garage or shed use the ceiling to hang bikes and other cumbersome items out of the way. A peg board or cork board make a great place to hook helmets and secure shelves.

Wash before you store

Those pads protect us out on the field but once they enter the house the odors can be over whelming. To start your season off with a fresh start, give everything a quick run through the washer. If you have multiple players in the house, label them with permanent marker so everyone gets the right pads back.

How to store valuables

Are you working on your baseball card collection or found sports jerseys from your favorite players? To give them the needed protection you desire, a storage unit in Glen Mills PA has the answers. A space all their own gives you the peace of mind. Each jersey should be hung on a padded hanger with an individual garment bag for each item. If you do not have sleeves to protect the cards, utilize a photo album as a way to shield them from dust.

Whether you venture out in the cold to root on your team at the tailgating party or you want to make some room in the garage, seasonal storage at Chester Heights Self Storage is beneficial for sports enthusiasts alike. While you support your team with a chant and a burger, know your belongings are safe and sound with us, any time of year, during any season.

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