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Storage Supplies Needed To Help Your Move

Storage Supplies

Are you in need of somewhere to store all of your belongings after packing them up for the winter season? It can become a little tricky to figure out what storage supplies you may need, or even how many boxes will be able to hold all of your belongings. Chester Heights Self Storage can be the solution you were looking for! Aside from just providing a safe and secure location to store your possessions, we also have merchandise that is extremely useful for moving to a storage unit on our facility grounds.

The act of moving your personal belongings to a storage unit does not have to be complex or worrisome. Try using some of our recommendations the next time you plan on moving to make the experience easier on yourself.

What Storage Supplies Are Needed?

  1. Boxes – A variety of sizes works the best, allowing you to group items together and have more organization.
  2. Bubble Wrap – Helps with protecting your fragile items as it acts as an extra cushion while being stored.
  3. Labels – Beneficial for movers to help keep organized.
  4. Lock – Ensures protection for your storage unit, allowing yourself to be the only one able to access your belongings.
  5. Tape – You never can have or use too much!

The items listed above are just 5 basic storage supplies you will need during the moving process. Drop by our office to find many more materials! Pick up dust covers so you can protect your valuables from damage or moving blankets for when moving day arrives to prevent scratching of different surfaces.







Benefits From Purchasing Supplies Here?

Throughout this month when you purchase any item at our facility, whether it is a box cutter or a furniture cover, we will donate a portion of the total to the Susan G. Komen foundation. Discover appropriate public storage and all the tools to make packing your possessions simple with Chester Heights Self Storage.

Use U-Haul’s supply calculator for help estimating the number of boxes and tape you might potentially need.

Are you not quite sure of what storage unit size will be the best fit for all of your belongings? Test out our storage calculator so you can rent the right amount of storage space for the volume you plan on storing.  You can go right to the units available page on our website and rent or reserve a unit today! If you reserve a unit online, you can come to check out the unit before renting and we will even hold that space for you for up to two weeks. Doing this allows you time to come by our office and have a chance to talk with our store manager.

Chester Heights Self Storage knows moving your items into storage can be a new experience for you. However, with our tools and storage experts, you can have all of your possessions moved into storage hassle-free. Find our Chester Heights Self Storage facility in Glen Mills PA!





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